Listed here are the people who served as staff members of the Air Staff and the Major Air Commands.  Life Support Officers (LSOs) are included, but if you feel that a listed LSO (or anyone else) did not contribute to the USAF Life Support program, let me know and I’ll consider removing his/her name. Please send additions, corrections, and updates to me. Tracking our history is important and I’d like to be as accurate as possible.  Active duty Life Supporters can help out by starting a list of their own.  The list should include current and past life support personnel (as far back as records have been kept).  So far the only units I know of that are keeping a list are at Edwards AFB and the Thunderbird squadron at Nellis AFB (If I’m wrong please let me know).  Both units have their list proudly displayed on the wall in their shop.  Keep it going, but don’t forget about the Life Support Officers!