Dog Tags Found In Viet Nam

On a recent “Today Show” there was a story about two men who went to Hanoi on a business trip. The men encountered a guy selling old GI dog tags from US servicemen who were killed during the Viet Nam War. They were disgusted by the thought of this man profiting from the sale of these tags. Upon returning to the U.S. , they decided to go back to Viet Nam and purchase ALL the dog tags. They did so, paying 19 cents per tag! They brought home several hundred tags. The plan is to return the tags to surviving family members, when they can find them. The process has already begun with one set being turned over to a grieving Mom on July 4th, (coincidentally, it was on her birthday)!

These two men have set up a website at listing the names of all those whose tags they purchased. If you lost friends, family, or know of someone who lost a loved one in Viet Nam , I suggest you check out this website. If you recognize a name, there’s an e-mail address to contact these two men and to help in their efforts to return the dog tag to its rightful survivor. I’m sure a family member would be eternally grateful to have such an important item returned. Please help by checking this Web site. And please send the website address to everyone you know. The more people who see the lists, the greater the chance of returning ALL the tags to those who lost loved ones in Viet Nam !

The discovery of these tags after so many years from servicemen dead, missing and in some cases still alive is mind boggling.


Four Million Dollar Life Support Shop!

Remember when you went to the Life Support Supervisor’s course at Chanute AFB back in the ’70s or ’80s and you had to design a new life support shop?  Well here are some troops that put a real one together for a cool 4.1 million!   It looks good from the outside. Hopefully I can get some pictures of the inside to share with you.  Click here for more info on two new facilities built strictly for life support. The file is in MS Word.